The legend about the Old Sycamore in Netanya

This story will be about the tree. But it’s not an usual tree, as you could think! This story will be about the very old, may be one of the most ancient trees in Israel. And the name of this tree is the Sycamore. Let’s see, what we know about […]

Today we will tell you a story about the most popular park in Netanya, that has a name "Shlulit haHorev". This is a unique place of nature in the center of Netanya.

Park “Shlulit haHorev” in Netanya

There is an intereting place in Netanya: the park, that called “Shlulit haHorev”. This is a very big park for Israel, because many places, that people call “park” here are too small, and look like little squares. But “Shlulit” is big enough! It even has its own lake! The name […]

City market in Netanya

Israel is the state, where many nations live. And if you visit it, you should always remember, that you are in the Near East, in the place, where our civilization was born. And like thousands years ago, there are many interesting places here, that you will never find in another […]

City market in Netanya

The Wings - the monument of the Victory in the II World War in Netanya

Memorial “The Wings” in Netanya

One of the most famous symbols of modern Netanya is the memorial, that we call “The Wings”. It’s an extraordinary beautiful and wailful construction. “The Wings” appeared in Netanya in 2012, and it is situated in the southern part of a seafront of the city. This monument places on the little hill […]

Independence square in Netanya

Independence square, or “Kikar haAzmaut” in Hebrew is the most popular place in Netanya. You can always see here many people from all parts of the world. And citizens love this place very much too. It’s so famous, that you can read about this square even in the textbooks of […]

Independence square in Netanya

Hertsel street: the heart of Netanya

Hertsel (Herzel) Street in Netanya is the most famous street in the city. It is situated in the tourist center of Netanya, and it’s one of the most beautiful streets here. Hertsel street starts near the Mediterranean Sea and ends on the other side of Netanya. It does not mean, that […]

Seafront of Netanya: southern part

In the previous article we talked about seafront of Netanya, about the history of it, and about the northern part of seafront. In this article, we will try to discribe the southern part, its sights and interesting places. Southern part of seafront in Netanya is situated to the left from […]

South part of Seafront, Netanya, Israel

Cafe "Moon haYam", Netanya, Israel

Seafront of Netanya: northern part

Seafront in the Netanya city, is one of the most beautiful places in the world, that you have ever been. That’s the seafront of Eastern Coast of Mediterranean Sea. The whole day our the sun goes round the sky, and in the evening you can see a fantastic sunset to […]

Where would you go: to Netanya or to Natanya?

Natanya (or Netanya), it’s a city in Israel. It places on the Eastern Coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s really perfect place for the rest. Imagine, we have 13 km (almost 10 miles!) of excellent beaches with white sand, hot sun, and beautiful sea. Here begins Paradise. Why we […]